Advantages and disadvantages of traveling individually or in a group.

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Should you travel alone or with others? This of course depends on your own attitude, your character and if you can find travel companions or not. In the following section we will outline the advantages and disadvantages of the different constellations.
It is also common during a trip to join other travellers temporarily and after some common time to split up again.

When travelling alone you will automatically get in touch with more people. You have enjoy absolute freedom and can do whatever you want to. There are no discussions about the itinerary. Often you will meet other travellers who you can join for some days.
The disadvantages of travelling alone is that you are also alone if you have a problem or are in bad mood.
Moreover, you always have to carry your whole luggage with you - even when going shopping or anything else. If you travel with a partner, one can go to the supermarket and the can take care of the luggage.

Traveling in a group of three, you will experience have the same advantages and disadvantages like when traveling in a group of two. Simply pay attention that no one is the fifth wheel. You should also agree on the main points of your itinerary before you start.

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When travelling with a partner, you are never alone and you might feel safer. You can also split up,e.g. if one wants to go to the supermarket, the other one takes care of the luggage. A great advantage definitely is to save weight as you can share certain equipment such as a camping stove or tent. The units you buy in supermarkets are often too much for one person, so share it and save money.
But you should always talk about your itinerary before you start travelling, otherwise you might get into hard discussions.

In a group, your trip can be a lot of fun OR become very exhausting. Depending on how well you get along with eath other. An advantage of a group is that you can split up anytime. When it comes to activities you want to do in a city or concerning the route you want to travel.

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