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A random list of city connections.

Bled - Nova Gorica
Ljubljana - Belgrade (Београд)
Ljubljana - Budapest
Ljubljana - Munich (München)
Ljubljana - Prague (Praha)
Ljubljana - Pula
Ljubljana - Rijeka
Ljubljana - Venice (Venezia)
Ljubljana - Vienna (Wien)
Ljubljana - Zagreb
Nova Gorica - Bled

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A random list of locations.

Station Bled
inside the station building Station Nova Gor...
Nice pla... Ljubljan...
Station Bled
Station Bled
Station Pragersk...
Sightsee... Ljubljan...
Station Pragersk...
Station Maribor
Italian-Slovenian border in front of the station building Station Nova Gor...
the station building - view from the square Station Nova Gor...
mit lieben Dank an Thomas Station Maribor

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Night trains
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Overview of night train connections. Night trains departing and ending in this country. How and where do I buy overnight train tickets. Schedules, fares, photos and videos.

Budapest - Koper
Koper - Budapest
Ljubljana - Belgrade (Београд)
Zagreb - Munich (München)

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Travel routes
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A random list of travel route examples.

From Amsterdam via Budapest and Montenegro to Croatia
Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Krakow, Budapest, Vienna, Bled, Zagreb, Sarajevo
Days in total: 22