What to bring on a rail trip in Europe.

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List of important phone numbers and addresses.
Paper (or something to write on, e.g. a notebook) and pens.

ID-card or passport.
Copy on a paper (or as scanned file in your email account) of your ID-card/passport and bank/credit card.
Ticket and reservations.
Hostel bookings.
Health/travel insurance.

Bank card (with Cirrus or Maestro logo on it).
Credit card (Mastercard or Visa).
Cash in the local currency of your first destination. EURO is always good, even in countries without EURO currency.
Information about the currency exchange rates.
Money belt – not absoluety necessary, but sometimes useful.

Backpack or suitcase. The size depends on the length of your trip. Recommended maximum is 65 litres.
Plastic bags for dirty clothes/wet shoes.
Plastic bottle for drinking water during the day.

Clothes depend on the length of you trip.
We recommend to bring clothes for a maximum of one week with you. You will always find places to wash your clothes – for example in hostels.

Charger for your electronic devices.
Plug converter
Small and simple lock (for lockers in some hostels).