Europe by train. Travel flexibly through 30 European countries with only one InterRail GLOBAL Pass: for 5 within 10 days, 10 within 22 days or continuous for 15 days, 22 days or one month.

The InterRail pass is only valid for Europeans or non-Europeans who have lived in one of the following European countries (see list below) for at least the preceding six months. All others need to buy a EuRail pass.
InterRail GLOBAL pass

First time InterRail

Step by step guide for first-time InterRailers. Information about how InterRail works, the different kinds of Interrail tickets, how to plan your trip, how to calculate your travel budget, train reservations, night trains and ferries.

Important to know

Interrail - train connections

Interrail train connections and schedules. Special routes without extra reservations saving your money. Interrail connections all over Europe for day and night train travel.

The InterRail GLOBAL Pass is valid in the following countries. Please note the rule for your country of residence where unfortunately you cannot travel free of charge.