With the InterRail pass, some ferry services are free of charge, others require a small supplementary fee. In some cases a special discount is offered. Find detailed information and prices for the ferries here at railcc.

Country information

Italy it

Italy it

Ancona it - Split hr
Ancona it - Patras (Πάτρα) gr
Barcelona es - Civitavecchia it
Barcelona es - Livorno it
Barcelona es - Savona it
Bari it - Dubrovnik hr
Bari it - Patras (Πάτρα) gr
Civitavecchia it - Barcelona es
Dubrovnik hr - Bari it
Livorno it - Barcelona es


Interrail ferry: Bari it - Corfu - Igoumenitsa - Patras gr

Corfu (Κέρκυρα) | Igoumenitsa (Ηγουμενίτσα)

Direct link between Italy (Bari) and Greece (Patras). The ferries are inexpensive using them with an Interrail or Eurail pass. In the low season sometimes even free.

Interrail: discount available

Anek Superfast Ferries

Bari - Corfu - Igoumenitsa - Patras

Tickets are available directly in the office at the port.

Online booking information:

FREE ferry (depending on season) if your Rail Pass is valid in Italy AND Greece.

1st class rail pass: free air seats or dormitories.
2nd class rail pass: free deck passage = just sit down or lay down with your sleeping bag.

Check-in time 2 hours before departure.

- seasonal surcharges: June and September: EUR 10
- seasonal surcharges: July and August: EUR 20
- Port taxes: EUR 7
- Additional fuel surcharge possible

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