InterRail is not valid in your country of residence. You can only get a discount on a common fare train ticket. Instead of using this discount, it is often it is less expensive to purchase a special-fare ticket to leave the own country of residence.

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InterRail Passes are NOT valid in the country that you are a resident of.

However, you are entitled to a reduced train fare in your own country if you have a an InterRail Global Pass.
You can get a discount on tickets for the trip up to the border:
-- outgoing from your city of residence to the frontier station where you will leave the country or the nearest airport in your country of residence
-- returning from the nearest airport in your country of residence or the frontier station where you will re-enter the country to your city of residence

There is no discount on transit travels through your country of residence.

Why does this rule exist? The purpose of the InterRail pass is to travel around Europe. This rule helps avoiding the "abuse" of InterRail by commuters in their own country of residence. Unfortunately, this rule is of course not at all beneficial for InterRail travelers!

Suggestion: in most cases buying special offer train tickets is cheaper than taking advantage of an InterRail discounted regular price ticket.
The best way to do it is to leave your country of residence with a special offer ticket, then spend one or two days at the chosen destination, and only then to start with InterRail abroad. Do the same thing when returning back home.
Doing so, you can save some travel days on your InterRail pass.

Note: railcc did not invent this rule.
We disapprove of the rule aswell.
However, please try to understand ithe reasons for this rule, bearing in mind the above-mentioned information. We hope that you will still make the most out of your InterRail travel and work hard to help you find the best railway connections.
You can only get these discounted tickets at train stations in your own country. So make sure you already buy a return ticket before you start your trip!