The InterRail pass has some special conditions of use. Only European citizens or persons staying longer than 6 months in Europe are allowed to buy InterRail passes. Please read the conditions of use carefully.

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1 Supplements and reservation fees: for some special trains (night trains, high speed trains, ...) you will have to pay an extra fee.

2 Night trains usually need a reservation for the seat or bed category you want. Some offer free 2nd class seats.

3 InterRail is only available to persons residing in Europe.

4 Some ferry companies offer reductions or free rides for rail pass travellers.

5 The 19:00 h rule for night trains will help you save travel days when using your Flexible Rail pass.

6 ONE travel day lasts from 00:01 h in the morning until 23:59 h at night. You can use as many trains and cross as many country borders as you want on such a travel day.

7 InterRail FLEXI Pass (XX travel days within a time frame of YY days): write down your travel days on your ticket whenever you use one.
8 InterRail CONTINUOUS Pass: you can travel every day, no need to write down the dates on your InterRail ticket.

9 The InterRail ONE COUNTRY Pass is not available for your country of residence.

10 You can NOT travel for free in your country of residence, you will only get a discount on regular fare tickets.

11 The Rail Pass can be purchased no earlier than three months before the departure date.
We recommend to purchase your Rail Pass online: comfortable and safe here at railcc - two to four weeks before your trip.

12 You have to determine the start date of your InterRail pass at the purchase. It cannot be changed anymore. You can only return the pass to the point of sale (it is possible you have to pay processing fees) and purchase a new one.

13 Here is a list of trains which you can use with your Rail pass.

14 The InterRail Pass is valid in up to 30 European countries.

15 InterRail YOUTH travellers have to be younger than 26 years old on their first day of travel.
InterRail SENIOR travellers have to be 60 years or older on their first day of travel.
The effective date is the first travel day of validity of your ticket, not the day of your purchase.