Train schedules for Europe. Information on how to find the best connections and how to use online schedules. Please note our detailed and optimized railcc schedules.
Train connections
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There are various systems of online train schedules available. Most are based on the same database and the same system.

These systems are always up-to-date.

Schedules are usually available up to three months in advance.

Caution: small changes are made to the train schedules in early December and in early June. However, these changes are usually relatively insignificant. If you are looking for information about trains on a date after the changes, you will maybe not find the updated timetables. This is why you should just enter the date of the following day in order to find train connections, as these will probably be similar to the new ones after the changes anyways.

There is no special online schedule plan for rail pass travelers. You will have to use the regular online systems.

The following procedure is recommended for rail pass travelers:

1) Look for train connections on railcc - you will find special connections with all important details (trains without extra fees, trains requiring reservations, night trains, ...).

2) If you cannot find the information you look for in section (1), visit one of the existing online journey planners.

3) Choose a connection and compare it to available types of trains, check whether a reservation is required and if the connection is free of extra fees.
With most online schedule planners you can find different versions of connections: for example connections only using local trains (usually free of extra costs), trains without supplements, etc. This information, however, is related to standard single train tickets and NOT to rail passes - but may still be helpful.
Eurail train schedules and connections. Special routes without extra reservations saving your money. Eurail connections all over Europe for day and night train travel.
European Rail Timetable
European Rail Timetable
As a companion for your train journey through Europe we highly recommend you the European Rail Timetable. It provides compact information, available in a summer and a winter edition.
They include all European countries and simplify the travel planning during your trip. It could be described as "The holy bible of rail passengers".