Step by step guide for first time EuRail travellers. The system of EuRail, the different types of tickets, how to plan your trip, calculate the budget you need, information about train reservations and night trains.

Why travel with a EuRail Pass ?

- see neighbouring countries and learn more about cultures

- meet other travelers from all over the world

- use an ecological way of traveling

- see landscapes and nature out of the train window

- feel the real distances between places

- profit from a cheap and simple way of getting from one European city centre to another without lengthy transfers

- discover a comfortable way of traveling: stop wherever you want, use frequent train services within Europe and enjoy spacious seats. There is no limitation on luggage, no check in like at airports,

- reach almost all places in Europe very easily, not only some locations offered by low-cost-airlines with limited luggage and small seats

- gain experience of life and feel real freedom
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The EuRail Pass can NOT be used by European residents. They have to travel with an InterRail pass. Persons have lived in one of the following countries for at least the preceding six months are allowed to buy a EuRail pass.
first time EuRail
EuRail is a rail pass that allows you to travel around Europe according to the following principles:
One rail pass for using (almost) all trains in Europe.
Simple and easy: get into a train anywhere in Europe and just start travelling wherever you want.

Due to the newer and faster connections by high-speed trains, some routes will require extra reservation fees for specific types of trains. However, they can almost always be avoided (see the railccs' train connections list)

Night trains usually require a reservation as well, depending on the sleeper category you want to travel in. But at the same time you can save on costs for a hostel.

The railccs do research about irail nformation and ticket prices, in order that you can best prepare your tour , knowing exactly what costs you will have to expect in total:

- which connections are available
- where you will have to pay extra reservation fees, how much they cost and how you can avoid them, if you want
- what kind of night trains are available in Europe

For all details please check the conditions of use.
The first step for planning an InterRail trip is to determine the regions and countries you want to visit. The next step is to select possible stops in a logical order. can be very helpful for your planning:

Have a look at the sample travel routes we have created for you. You don't have to stick to the exact route shown, but use them to get inspired.

Further details can be found in the country information:

Based on your travel itinerary you can choose the EuRail pass that meets exactly your needs. OR you first select the EuRail Pass according to your budget and then determine your travel route.

Children, young people, seniors and groups usually get a discount on regular EuRail prices. Groups of two to five travelers can buy a Eurail Saver/Family Pass. All travelers' names are printed on the EuRail Pass. Therefore they aöways have to travel together during the entire tour. But every person can still save a lot on the rail pass.

There are two different kinds of EuRail passes: Flexi EuRail and Continuous EuRail Passes.

Flexi means: a EuRail Pass that is valid for XX travel days within a period of YY days, for example 10 travel days within a time frame of 2 months. This is perfect if you don't want to sit on trains every day but instead make stops at places where you will stay for two or three days.
The travel days can be filled in manually on your EuRail pass whenever you need them. This means you are completely flexible.

Continuous means: you can travel every day as long as your EuRail Pass is valid. This is perfect if you want to visit a lot of places and be spontaneous.

There are four categories of Eurail passes available:

Eurail Global Pass
This Pass allows you to travel to up to 28 European countries. It is the perfect option if you want to make an extensive European travel tour.

Eurail Select Pass
Travel through three, four or five neighbouring countries. The flexible way to explore Europe.

Eurail Regional Pass
With this EuRail Pass you can discover selected regions within Europe.

Eurail One Country Pass
Travel in a single country. If you want to travel in two or more countries, it is recommendable to buy one of the above mentioned EuRail Passes.

Use the railcc cost calculator for calculating the total costs of your InterRail trip :

Here you can find helpful information concerning accommodation and useful equipment (sleeping bag, backpack, ...) you need during your trip :

Please have a look at the FAQs and use our forum if you have any further questions.

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