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Erfurt City Hall

Rathaus Erfurt

Sightseeing - Erfurt, Germany de

- in the neo-Gothic style
- built in the years 1870 to 1875, at the same point of the former old City Hall, the old town hall came from the Gothic and Renaissance.
- the walls of the stairwell, corridors and the ballroom are decorated with motifs/paintings of Erfurt and the Thuringian history and mythology. The paintings in the stairwell and in the hallways depict scenes from the legend of the Count of Gleichen, from Luther's life, from the Faust legend and the Tannhäuser saga (all pictures in the stairwell and hallways are ​​labeled in several languages so that every visitor finds explanations of the paintings. In the ballroom is a folder with appropriate explanations).

Stadtmodell (im Vordergrund das Radisson-Hotel, im Hintergrund der Dom


Erfurt City Hall, Fischmarkt, 99084 Erfurt, Germany